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12 Powers ~ January * Faith *

12 Powers: Faith * Affirmation * Faith blesses my day and paves my way. ~Faith ~ The ability to believe, intuit and perceive. The disciple Peter represents faith in things spiritual, faith in God. The corresponding color is blue and the location is…

January 2020 ~ Mystery

Unity’s 2020 Theme is January’s Theme is Mystery I allow space for the unknown and the unknowable. There are many unknowable things in this life. As we allow room for the unknown and unknowable, we also allow our faith and our glimpses of…

How to Use a Burning Bowl Ritual to Release the Past

When it’s time to clear out unwanted memories and conditions from our lives, a burning bowl ritual offers a sacred and powerful way to release negativity. The burning bowl makes space for new beginnings. It can be done at any time. Unity offers…

Westminster Bells ~ 12/7 & 12/8 ~ Chehalis & Centralia

Westminster Bells is an advanced group of ringers who are dedicated to providing the spiritual experience bells can offer. We perform many times a year; if you would like to attend one of our Christmas performances our schedule is below

December 2019 ~ Awakening Joy

Unity’s 2019 Theme is One Humanity, Many Stories November’s Theme is: Awakening Joy: I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light. When we moved from the city to the country, we were delighted by two mother deer…

12 Powers ~ Life – December

From:    12 Powers: Life   Affirmation: I am filled with life, sweet life. Life The ability to energize, vitalize, enliven, animate, and invigorate. The disciple is Judas. He represents the cleansing of selfishness, allowing the life force to flow to every part…

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