Unity 2021 Theme – How to Stay Centered, No Matter What

12 Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

When we feel our inner peace persistently challenged, Unity offers an answer. Unity teachings include the awareness of our own innate power. We were born with the attributes of the Infinite, and our life’s work is to develop and express them.

Each divine faculty offers a way to view the world and to stay centered, no matter what comes our way.

Our theme, “How to Stay Centered, No Matter What,” is based on a system devised nearly a century ago by Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore.

Fillmore defined the 12 powers—attributes that he believed formed the basis of our Christ consciousness. The more we develop them, the closer we are to expressing our true being, our divine nature.

The 12 powers provide the subtopics for this spiritual resource program. Each month, you’ll find a section of new resources related to one specific power, with ideas for using it to stay centered.