12 Powers: Zeal – October

From    12 Powers: Zeal – October

Affirmation: I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose.

Zeal—The ability to be enthusiastic, be passionate, start, motivate.

The disciple is Simon the Canaanite. He represents motivation and the desire to accomplish great things.

The corresponding color is orange and the location is back of the head.

Go Forward

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann

Zeal is the impulse to go forward, the urge behind all things. Without zeal, stagnation, inertia, death would prevail throughout the universe. The man without zeal is like an engine without steam or an electric motor without a current.”—The Twelve Powers of Man by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore points to the importance of our God-given ability to be zealous, enthusiastic about life and living. He also details the limitation of a life that is lacking in the development of this faculty, comparing the person to “an engine without steam or an electric motor without a current.”

Actually, as with all the 12 attributes of man, zeal has been given to each of us in bountiful measure. It is simply the failure of the individual to accept this free-flowing abundance that results in a life which is stagnant, limited, “without steam,” pointless, dull and disappointing.

… One who is … lacking in interest and a zest for living is a person who is denying his God-given opportunity to take the high road through life, denying the expression of his innate powers, and interfering with his progressive unfoldment of greater possibilities of mind and body.

… The same amount of zeal has been given to all. How we accept it and how we work with it determines the way it will work for us—or against us. Zeal directed solely to selfish, human aims may consume us with its heat and friction. But enthusiasm developed as a spiritual attribute and dedicated to God’s will and God’s work will carry us to mountaintops of spiritual experience and help us immeasurably in the awakening of the other 11 powers.

… When first awakened to spiritual ideas, we may be carried away in our desire to transform the world—or even just to change our family and friends. But we must learn to direct this energy first toward transforming ourselves, bringing forth our own spiritual nature. Our greatest influence on others will be the result of the changes we have made in ourselves.

… When you are filled with spiritual enthusiasm, you are joyous and energetic, your senses are quickened and awakened to new life, and you have a new feeling of being vitally alive.

Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise on Zeal

By Charles Roth

Relax and close your eyes.

For a moment enjoy resting your eyes on the dark field of velvety blackness into which you seem to be gazing …

Now let your attention go to the back of your neck. Let it rest there for a moment, like a soft, golden circle of light.

Then say or think silently:

The Christ within me is quickening, baptizing and training my faculty of zeal, represented by the disciple Simon, the Cananaean.

Immediately you will feel a sense of peace, an easing of tension: your breathing will respond by getting deeper and more rhythmic. Perhaps there will even be a sigh of relief and release.

Now affirm:

I am motivated from within by wisdom and love. I do that which is before me to do with unflagging zeal and enthusiasm. I work with the spring and speed of Spirit—easily, unhurriedly, gracefully. I am grateful.