Audio / Video Media of Services


Starting in 2018, we began recording our Sunday Services.
We have audio of most of the Services available
There are some omissions due to user or technical difficulties,
ask Tom if there is one not listed you would like to hear.

Click on our podcast link
for a list of links to the audio of our recent Services. 

For those new to podcasts,
they are a way of automagically downloading a series of audio episodes
to your phone or computer.

For phones, radiopublic is a free app
for both android and iphone

For computers, banshee is a free program
for windows, ios and gnu/linux operating systems.

So, if you listen to podcasts on your phone or computer,
use the podcast link to subscribe to the feed
and always have the most current Service available on your device. 

Previous service audio can be found at the links below

July – September 2019

April – June 2019

January – March 2019

October – December 2018

July – September 2018

April – June 2018

January – March 2018

If you are interested in video of any Service, please contact Tom