Our first poll … Yes, we want your opinion …

So, while we have the videos up on our Media page,
we have a concern about large the files are.
Watching them on a browser ends up lagging for me.
Downloading the speaker files that are +1GB
takes bandwidth and time.

The January and first two February services are in
1080 webm format, which is great when viewed on a flatscreen
and, as stated above, may take more bandwidth or time

Below are two other formats which we might use.

Below find three types of files of a Blessing of Thanks video
just click on the link to open in another tab
or right-click ‘Save As’ to download

1080 webm

generic webm
26 MB

divx webm
6 MB

We want to get member’s opinion on this.
Please use the below poll to express your view.

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