Mariette Jones


Mariette Jones, Licensed Unity Teacher, took retirement (she likes to say rewirement) from the Windsor-Detroit Borderlink (Tunnel) on June 1, 2020. Her archived talks there can be found here.

Since then, she has been facilitating, encouraging, empowering and inspiring learners at various Unity centers in Canada and the United States. She is an avid Truth student.

Mariette produces a five-minute video the last Monday of each month, called Love Speaks! which is a pep talk, utilizing principles such as Law of Mind Action. Especially passionate about emotional and mental health she focuses on these areas. Mariette enjoys sharing her message of wholeness and health with gentleness and compassion, encouraging a spirit of unconditional acceptance.

Her passions include husband hugs and kitty cuddles, writing and reading poetry, savouring chocolate and gazing up into a starry night! She lives in Windsor, Ontario.