Free Hot Soup of Centralia

We are a grassroots movement of individuals in our community 
from all walks of life who collaborate and pool resources
 together twice a week to provide a hot meal for our neighbors. 

Most of our diners are without a house and a few are trying to 
stretch their budgets to keep the roof over their head.

Though we may have different opinions and beliefs about our neighbor’s
 challenges, we put our love into action to serve side by side 
with respect, kindness, and compassion for all.

Due to the generosity of Gather Church, we have use of their facility at
 The Atrium (408 W Main St. Centralia). 
Not only does this allow for our diners to get relief from the weather, 
but allows us access to a fully equipped commercial kitchen.

We serve dinner on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm. 

Signup links are posted twice a week for those 
who wish to contribute menu ingredients and/or 
want to donate their time with serving and cleanup.
Notifications are also available via email. 
If you want to be on this list contact Robin Pedrazzetti,

Volunteers who wish to be in the kitchen for prepping, preparing, 
or dishing plates are required to have a food handler's permit. 
This can be obtained online at
 Please print a second copy to be put on file in the kitchen.

The Atrium is open Monday thru Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, and will joyfully
 recycle any clothing, blankets, toiletries, and food donations to
 those in need; freely and with unconditional love. 

Thank you for being the change we wish to see in our world.

Tom's Unity note 
( February 2018 )

So, we used to serve meals on Sunday night also, and the lead folks
for that service bowed out after a year of volunteering every Sunday night.
We applaud their service to their neighbors in need.

Currently, in conjunction with a ministry wide effort in Lewis County, 
we are asking the Unity membership for assistance 
on one Sunday a month in 2018.

We are seeking a volunteer experienced in event coordination 
to spearhead our effort of serving a hot meal at The Atrium 
on the first or second or third  Sunday of each month in 2018.

While we were able to pass out pans of food 
prepared in your kitchen when we were at the Centralia Train Station,
due to health department regulation, we need now
to prepare all food ( except baked goods ) 
in the commercial kitchen at The Atrium 

Thus, we are also seeking a volunteer experienced in commercial 
food preparation to lead volunteers in serving 50 - 100 diners. 

And of course, for the rest of us to help with 
the food prep, food serving, wiping down tables and vacuuming.

As above, all need to have valid WA state food handler's card

Thank you for demonstrating our Powers in service.