Dr. Darya Funches is an inspirational speaker, educator, author, ceremonial leader, visionary and transformational practitioner.  Helping to heal and raise the consciousness of humanity through speaking, teaching, ceremony, vision and writing is her ministry. She is a minister of the Universal Life Church and one of the core team of ministers who are speakers at the Unity Center of Positive Living, where she has served for over ten years.

Having walked and sat with spiritual elders from different traditions and studied ancient mysteries, Dr. Darya is a spiritual teacher and conducts ceremonies, processes and initiations to help with healing, renewal, transformation, and envisioning new realities. As a reader of the Akashic Records, also thought of as the great library of the universe and the Book of Life, she has read for hundreds of individuals, couples and families and has developed approaches to read the records for large systems such as organizations, communities and nations.  Sessions with her in the Records can help to clarify purpose, direction, choices and support healing and transformation.

As a spiritual teacher, she integrates metaphysics, indigenous wisdom, spiritual and universal laws and principles. She works with learners one on one, in study circles and workshops on line and in person.  As a consultant, she is Founder and Principal of REAP Unlimited, she uses multiple disciplines to help organizations, groups and individuals create, clarify vision, heal, transform and grow.  She helps to develop other change agents and spiritual practitioners.

As a regular monthly speaker at Unity Center for Positive Living, she has given many talks on truth and practical spirituality and has been an occasional speaker and consultant to other churches and spiritual communities and/or boards.  Knowledge, skills and techniques from ancient wisdom, applied behavioral science, neuroscience, and shamanic traditions allow her to help communities, businesses, leaders, and people from all walks of life.

Dr. Darya wrote the book, I Send My Blankets Over You — Lessons of Love, “Three Gifts of the Organization Development Practitioner: Discernment, Heart and Presence,” The Inner Experience of Leading Transformation, and co-authored “Leadership is Love Made Visible.”  She wrote “Reaping the Winds of Change: The First 100 Days of Clinton/Gore” in a briefing book for the first Clinton Administration. She authored a strategic book, Embrace the Indigenous Genius of Every Child, using strategic insights to co-create social transformation in a community.  She was commissioned to write “We Lift up Your Veils” for Denver’s Living Legends event.

She has also been a frequent keynote speaker on change, transformation and leadership in this country and abroad for different corporations, and professional associations. Radio and television appearances have helped her to reach people interested in changing their lives and their workplaces.  Her work and travel include the US, Africa, Europe, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, India, Siberia, the South Pacific.

OD Network designated Dr. Darya as one of 12 Sages of Organization Development in 1993 and she was voted Most Outstanding Adjunct Faculty in the American University School of Public Affairs in 1985.  She has been a visionary, author, thought leader and inspirational speaker in her field for many years and now works to develop transformational leaders and practitioners and to take her work to the general public.  She served as faculty for AU/NTL, Gestalt Institute OSD Program, University of Southern California -Washington Public Affairs Center, and as Chair of the Board for Organization Development Network and Chair of the Board for NTL Institute. Darya holds a Doctorate of Education in Organization Development from University of Massachusetts; a Masters of Public Administration Degree from University of North Carolina; a Bachelors of Mathematics from Lake Forest College, and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Raised in Houston, Texas, Darya was born in Mississippi and enjoys travel, cooking, live music, writing, singing, quilting, walking, dancing and spending time with her family and friends.


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