Blase is a speaker, expressive arts facilitator, spiritual retreat and workshop facilitator, personal coach, and writer.

He has a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Divinity degree from Duke University.
He was a United Methodist minister from 1968 to 1985 and for most of that time served as a staff member with the Ecumenical Institute/Institute of Cultural Affairs.
Blase has lived all over the U.S. as well as Scotland, Germany and the Philippines.

His expertise and experience is primarily in the fields of spirituality, religion, education and psychotherapy.
Blase believes that global transformation happens primarily as individuals transform themselves.
Blase’s spirituality draws from both Eastern and Western universal and mystical paths.

He is the author ( along with his wife Rose Anne ) of :

Trust & Manifest Your Bliss is a motivational book full of uplifting stories from the authors and their friends. It’s entertaining as well as instructive. The stories are shared to inspire and support the reader to understand and believe the unlimited possibilities for living a creative, abundant, healthy life.